Observations From Down the Shore

Sesame Street tat

Let’s play a game. “One of these things is not like the others. One of these
things just doesn’t belong”:

A.    A fully clothed man standing waist deep in the ocean, smoking an entire cigar. Every day. For a week. (Psst… the straw hat does not make you look more suave)

B.    A man with a locked leather briefcase. And a thermos of coffee. Chain smoking on the beach.

C.    A woman foolish enough to tattoo “love never dies” anywhere on her body (Newsflash: inking it doesn’t make it so)

D.    A man with a full-back Virgin Mary tattoo dry humping his girlfriend. On the beach. In public.

Answer: All of the Above.

Not a hater. Just sayin’.  Something is not quite right. Just a bit off, don’t you think?  As we go through life and take in these observations, whether at the beach or the office, with
strangers, acquaintances or friends, we should tuck these moments away in our brains for reassessing later. Everything we choose to do or say is telling. What does each action say about you?

And speaking of tattoos: If you’re going to get a tattoo, splurge. Of all things, this is not the time to save money—quality counts.  And choose your font wisely.

You’re welcome.

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