“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

-From a sign on the boardwalk of all places. Wisdom is found all around us, in the most mundane places.

Don’t we all know someone in our lives (probably several) whose outlook in life is that bad things always happen to him (the royal “him”—could easily be a her), he’s always getting screwed over by someone, he’s so unlucky, his timing sucks, life is so hard, if only… I call them professional victims. They’re tossed about by the waves, as opposed to taking control of the ship and sailing purposefully.

Yeah, shit happens. A lot. And it’s shitty. But how do you deal with adversity, how do you cope with hardships? Do you allow them to be obstacles in your life, or are you resilient enough to problem solve a solution, a compromise, a baby step around the speed bump to get to your goals?

Victims, listen up here: We’re ALL resilient enough to create the lives we want. It’s a choice. Your choice.

Choose to look around for signs. One could be at your feet on the boardwalk.

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