Caution: Hard Hat Area

This is my life right now. This is ME. Right now! No, not a Chipotle burrito the size of my head. But a construction zone. THIS construction zone. I passed this on my way to a meeting this morning, and I had to stop. I love this. Much to the dismay of my fellow commuters, I stopped in the middle of the street to get this picture. Please pardon my dust, inspiration is building.

Lately I’ve been in a phase of growth and change. It’s all good, but often it’s punctuated by sadness, discomfort, anger. I’ve been distracted, chaotic, abrupt, lost in thought, deep in thought. Trying out new behaviors, new ways of being. But I feel like Pigpen, in the middle of a swirl of dust as I settle into the next iteration of me.

I’m learning to breathe. I’m listening to my gut. I’m learning old instincts don’t need to be my current thoughts or behaviors. I’m acknowledging hard truths. I’m learning to be kinder, to myself and others.

As these renovations are taking place, I am adjusting the original blueprints. To everyone who has crossed paths with me recently, pardon the dust, but inspiration is building.

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4 Responses to Caution: Hard Hat Area

  1. Devin says:

    L.O.V.E. that line:

    “To everyone who has crossed paths with me recently, pardon the dust, but inspiration is building.”


  2. Laura says:

    I often live by the Pennsylvania Turnpike adage: “Temporary Inconvenience for a Permanent Improvement.”


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