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I Heart You the Mostest

I’ve been talking about relationships a lot lately with friends in different stages of coupling and uncoupling. Nobody likes a broken heart. Cause it hurts. We talk a lot about finding The One. Or believing there is a Soul Mate. … Continue reading

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The Scarlet Letter

No doubt you’ve heard of #Slanegirl. If not, quick recap: a 17 year-old girl is photographed at an outdoor concert in Ireland engaged in oral sex with a young man who has his arms raised in victory while people look … Continue reading

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Girls Gone Wild?

I’m coming off a weekend away with a dear friend I’ve known for over half my life. We’ve been close friends for 22 years. It was a fabulous yet draining weekend–it was supposed to be a typical Girls’ Weekend. It … Continue reading

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I Can Have My Cake and Eat it Too

The kids are on vacation with their father this week. A week! An entire week! Seven days! But who’s counting? I made a mental note of all the projects I could finally tackle without interruption–cleaning out the office/guest room/de facto … Continue reading

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Shame on You, Shame on Me

My children’s mental health is very important to me. ‘Cause there’s nothing more shameful than a mental health professional with whacked out kids. Tongues wag behind your back and colleagues wonder about your professional skills if you can’t even get … Continue reading

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Be Still

I haven’t blogged much lately. This is where you tell me “I KNOW! I’ve missed reading you!” That’s OK, I know you feel that way even if you don’t know it yet. I’ve missed you too. And this is where … Continue reading

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