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On Loss and Grief

Grief, my new constant companion, has moved in. I thought I’d take a good look at him since we’re spending so much time together now. And I’ve realized a few things. Grief is not sadness. I get sad when I … Continue reading

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Just Show Up

A little over a year ago I decided I wanted to start dating again after a long hiatus, or a sabbatical if you will–because a sabbatical is rest from work. And dating is hard work. When I mentioned this to … Continue reading

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Are You There God? It’s Me…

I went to church today. I know, normal people wouldn’t make that kind of proclamation, well, at all. Because it’s part of many people’s lives. I am, however, a wretched soul who has always been ambivalent about spirituality, faith, and … Continue reading

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Double Digits

My boy turns 10 today. I’ve been responsible for another human being for a decade now. I’ve managed to keep a life alive for 3,650 days. I can’t even keep a houseplant alive for a week. I don’t do a … Continue reading

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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Shame. You know I’m a big fan of Shame–dissecting it and putting it down, not being mired in it. I’ve talked a lot about this. You know I’m a huge cheerleader for feeling Enough and being Kind to myself. Much … Continue reading

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All We Need

“Faith, Family and Friends. That’s all you need in life. No wait, Love and Kindness too. That’s all you need in life,” declared my 7-year-old daughter. “What?!” I ask. We were out shopping for a frame to display her school … Continue reading

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