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My Greatest Fear

Glennon Doyle Melton’s Our Sacred Scared series inspired me to really examine my greatest fears. What’s my greatest fear? I don’t know. I’ve had many. They were all great (and not in a good-great way, but a big-great way). They … Continue reading

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On My Honor I Will Do My Best…

I love our Cub Scout Pack. I had reservations before we joined years ago, but it’s turned into a source of great friendships and experiences. I will admit the one thing I hate about my son’s involvement in Cub Scouts … Continue reading

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Put the Armor Down, Be Vulnerable, & Marinate

An old, trusted friend asked about details of how my last relationship ended. We talked about it, and it was clear that I was still having difficulty with it, and the loss; I was still hurting. And I admitted that … Continue reading

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Sharing But Not Embarrassing

I have had several friends tell me lately they are surprised I share as much of myself as I do through my writing. They know me to be a fiercely private person with firm boundaries and trust issues. So the … Continue reading

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A Year of Living Brain-Injuredly

President’s Day marks a year since I landed on my head from a bad trapeze dismount. I have been cleared medically and cognitively. People look at me and don’t remember that I ever had a traumatic brain injury. I am … Continue reading

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How to Save Your Fort From Attack

I know all you parents out there can empathize with me when I say that my children suffer from a disorder whereupon they lose the capacity to hear a word I say. There’s something about the tone and cadence of … Continue reading

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On Being Single and Middle-Aged

I’ve evolved as I’ve aged. I’ve come to not only be comfortable in my own skin, but to love being me. I know it’s taken each of these 40 years filled with trials and tribulations and successes to get me … Continue reading

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