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When I Grow Up…

What do you want to be when you grow up? We ask kids this all the time. We don’t ask: What are you good at? What do you enjoy? What speaks to you? What job do you want to do? … Continue reading

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Dancing Queen

I’m gonna put my dancing shoes on. No, not the glittery stilletos when I go clubbing. I mean good old fashioned social dance. Ballroom dance. Salsa. Tango. Foxtrot. I’ve got a date with Mr. Arthur Murray! Why? It’s my acupuncturist’s … Continue reading

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This Much Is True

I hear The Boy, in a very sanctimonious tone, tell his sister, “You should have done it this way…” and I can hear him drone on in his self-righteousness; while simultaneously, a low-pitched whine emanates from his sister, and gets … Continue reading

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Don’t Call Her Helen

My daughter told me people in school, students and teachers alike, call her Helen. Which would be fine, except for the fact that her name is not Helen. La Chica’s name is actually four syllables and doesn’t start with an … Continue reading

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10 Miles of Grey

Timing is everything. And in the end, it’s nothing. In this case, timing was perfect when yesterday, a friend read my last blog post on my ambivalence (the absolute Blacks and Whites, and the nebulous Greys) with my upcoming races, … Continue reading

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Fifty Shades of Truth

I’ve heard there’s 50 shades of Grey. But someone once pointed out to me there are actually over 260-something shades of Grey. That’s a lot of space between Black and White. I used to love living in Black and White. … Continue reading

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Just Say No

La Chica: If someone asks me to marry him, and I don’t want to, how do I say no nicely without being rude? Me: How about “No thank you?” La Chica: Why didn’t you say that? Indeed, why didn’t I? … Continue reading

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When Was the Last Time?

They grow up so quickly, everyone reminds me. Time flies faster as we get older, they tell me. Cherish every moment, people implore me. What no one told me was how funny it is that there are certain things I … Continue reading

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God Comes to You

Silence. Monks. Two words that don’t automatically come to mind when you think of me. Safe to say I’ve never been known to be religious, or quiet. At the end of my three-day silent monastic retreat, Father Vincent said to … Continue reading

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Vigils and Lauds And Complines, Oh My!

I just spent three days with Trappist monks on a silent, self-guided monastic retreat. It’s taken about 15 years for the stars to align for me to finally experience one of these. I’m grateful it’s taken so long–I realized a … Continue reading

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