Vigils and Lauds And Complines, Oh My!

Holy Cross Abbey

I just spent three days with Trappist monks on a silent, self-guided monastic retreat. It’s taken about 15 years for the stars to align for me to finally experience one of these. I’m grateful it’s taken so long–I realized a 15-years-younger Me would not have appreciated it as much. It was three days of no cell phone, no laptop, no talking. Nothing but me, myself, and some monks (and not even beer–they only made honey and fruitcake. Boo. Hiss.) I know, how on earth do you shut me up? This is how my silent retreat went:




Silence, only more breathtaking than the white space above. This is the silence I heard:

Holy Cross Abbey Cool SpringsHoly Cross Abbey Cool Springs

Holy Cross Abbey

Cool Springs Natural Cemetery

Berryville, VAHoly Cross Abbey


Shenandoah River Holy Cross Abbey

Shenandoah River

Holy Cross AbbeyHoly Cross Abbey

How did the rest of the retreat go? I’m still processing–more to come. Until then, peace be with you.

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6 Responses to Vigils and Lauds And Complines, Oh My!

  1. SBB says:

    How amazing! Can’t wait to hear more!


    • It was so peaceful, just being. Not even processing during the weekend. I didn’t journal or think about it. I just was…it was lovely. Drove back in silence and not processing to extend it, and then went to sitting meditation. So grateful.


  2. Beautiful, meaningful, hopeful. Hope for me too!! I need something like this very badly!! It will come!


  3. Nora Jessome says:

    I try and watch CBS Sunday Morning program. Your blog this week reminds me of their closing, I could hear the water in the stream/river. thanks for that!


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