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Habit of Despair

  Old habits die hard, and new ones are just as hard to create. There used to be a universally accepted myth that it took 21 days to form a new habit–Floss daily! Stop smoking! Make your bed! No one … Continue reading

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Good-bye, Mr. Mike

The world lost a bright light on Easter Sunday. Mr. Michael Jefferson, Jr., was murdered. His light first shone in my world five years ago. He was the director of the before and after-care program at my son’s school. He … Continue reading

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Practice Does Not Make Perfect

“Practice makes perfect,” La Chica says as I tell her we need to practice her math facts like her teacher suggests. “No,” I tell her, “Practice is practice. There is no perfect.” She wonders why she needs to practice then. … Continue reading

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Love Wins

I may not have a lasting relationship to show for this, so you may not believe I am an authority on this when I say this, but I know Glennon Doyle Melton is right when she says Love Wins. Because … Continue reading

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Stay in Your Own Lane

La Chica runs over to me to tattle on her brother. She has deemed his table manners to be atrocious and is so offended by them, she insists I take immediate action. The Boy mutters, “Stay in your own lane.” … Continue reading

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The Family That Bikes Together, Falls Together

I’ve done it again. I’ve done yet another thing I swore PK (Pre-Kids) that I would nevereverEVER do. I promise you, you will roll your eyes, and you will definitely lose respect for me if you ever had any in … Continue reading

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Throwing Up My MEssiness–My Messy Beautiful

There are very few things I am good at. When I say “few,” I mean 5. I am a good baker. I am very good at yelling at my kids. I excel at injuring myself on a regular basis (traumatic … Continue reading

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Running and the Art of Living

I started running for weight loss. I continued running for stress relief and meditation. It made me feel alive. Now, I run for life. I’ve come to realize running is life. Everything about running can be said about life. Here’s some … Continue reading

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Fool Me Once…

What was the best prank you ever pulled off for April Fool’s Day? I got married. In Vegas. In a free standing chapel on the strip. You know, because I’m real classy like that. To be fair, it wasn’t a … Continue reading

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