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Endless Summer Lessons

We just returned from a week down the shore. It was as fabulous and relaxing as you might imagine. It’s a week of unplugging and hopping off the grid, of working hard on tan lines, walking up and down the … Continue reading

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Sex Sells

Have you seen the re-creation of the Sports Illustrated cover using topless plus-size models? It’s hard to miss, as it had made the rounds on traditional and social media. The press has been positive overall–the feedback talks about celebrating the … Continue reading

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Lessons from Second Grade

  It’s that time of the year again–the end of the school year. When teachers rejoice for a well-deserved break. And when parents seek a better sangria recipe to tide them through a sweltering season of “I’m boooored!”s and “She … Continue reading

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George Will, You’ve Broken My Heart

I started the day with my head aching. Steroid injections to the head elicit this type of reaction in the neurologist’s procedure room: “Holy mother of F*CK! I hate you!!” Yes, I’m still being treated for the head injury I … Continue reading

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The One Who Got Away

My friend told me a story about a man she dated a handful of times, maybe two handsful of times, years and years ago. He abruptly told her he didn’t think it would work out. Some moments she thinks he … Continue reading

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Bad Hair Day

We try to walk to school when we can. It’s a mile through lovely wooded open space. The paths meander through playgrounds and over creeks. This morning we saw a baby bunny in the grass by the path. It looked … Continue reading

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