Lessons from Second Grade

2014-06-05 20.02.32


2014-06-05 20.03.14It’s that time of the year again–the end of the school year. When teachers rejoice for a well-deserved break. And when parents seek a better sangria recipe to tide them through a sweltering season of “I’m boooored!”s and “She won’t stop bothering meeeee!”s.

As for me, I’m not worried because I am a seasoned Summer pro: I’ve discovered the art of infusing vodka and gin for tasty cucumber or basil or peach or blueberry vodka tonics, gin and tonics, and anything else I can mix and enjoy. I would offer these as end-of-the-year teacher gifts but I’m pretty sure that won’t help my reputation around town. And I think the principal actually believes I’m a responsible parent.

So instead, the kids write notes to their teachers and I attach a more appropriate (but I bet less well-liked) gift. These are two notes La Chica wrote. They made me chuckle. Her word choices kill me–she’s so clearly parroting what she’s been told by adults.

“Dear Miss Merson, I love you. I like the way you teach kids at recess. I like the way you keep kids safe. You always have a good attitude.”

“Dear Miss. Murray, I am proud of you that you taught me a ton of stuff. I never knew so many things like haiku-poem. You’re a good teacher. I am proud of you. PS You’re the best 🙂 PS I love you so much”

Kids learn what they live. And I love her teachers even more than I did before. I am so grateful for them in our lives. Because they’ve clearly taught her through their daily grace and patience and love and kindness and respect:

-Safety first
-Play is important and is a subject worthy of being taught
-Love wins
-Good attitudes carry the day
-Affirming pride in efforts is always welcome feedback

Sounds like a successful year to me. And Miss Merson and Miss Murray: you know where I live and what time cocktail hour is–the door’s always open for you.

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8 Responses to Lessons from Second Grade

  1. I am the parent that wishes school would last all year! 🙂 I think I might use “love wins” and “good attitudes carry the day”.


  2. racheltoalson says:

    Love this! Children have such a simplistic way of expressing our values in life. We should listen to them more often. 🙂


  3. SBB says:

    Teachers are so powerful…a few months back, I wrote to two of my childhood teachers to thank them for the impact they have had on my life, even 20 years later. I’m so glad La Chica has been blessed with positive teachers. Of course, she is lucky to have the most amazing, powerful, insightful teacher right at home :). Love ya!


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