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Raving About Raves

I’m known for many things, but mostly for being frequently inappropriate. I, at the age of 40, single mama to two, held my own at a rave over the weekend. Yes, I am old enough to be the mother of … Continue reading

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Drama Queen

Drama. We hear people talk about drama with disdain. They’re drama-free. They hate drama. Dramadramadrama. But really, what is drama? My friend fell into a rough patch with his girlfriend, and he rolled his eyes about her drama. I asked … Continue reading

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My Sangha of True Love

I’ve deleted one of my online dating site profiles. Another one I’ll leave up simply because I paid a discounted price for an entire 6 months from the start because I’m cheap, but I won’t really be participating in this … Continue reading

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Normal: Only a Setting on the Washing Machine

My friend has had a very unexpected family crisis. She was living her life, a good life at that, and one day, in one moment, her entire life as she knew it was something else. We are taught certain facts … Continue reading

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Does Your Bullying Make Me Look Fat?

I had a very disturbing conversation with my friend’s tween daughter the other day. Daughter mentioned she was fat. My ears perked up, and my heart tugged. I looked at my friend and said “We cannot raise another generation of … Continue reading

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Shadow of Myself

Recently, several people have asked what happened in my marriage, why I got divorced. People ask me this like they’re asking me why I chose that particular Keurig model or why I no longer use Milton as my hairstylist. There … Continue reading

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God, Vivienne & Lightning Bugs

Oh, the difference a season makes. The last time I went on a silent monastic retreat, it was the winter of this year. A snow storm was heading in as I drove away from the quiet solitude at the end … Continue reading

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Dating Really Is a Headache

You may have noticed I have not written much of late. If you haven’t noticed, I won’t be offended. A little sad, but I understand. I haven’t written because I can’t. My head injury has flared up again such that … Continue reading

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