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Lessons from the Trapeze

I believe Life is prone to throw a lesson at you until you learn that lesson. And even then, there are refresher courses to keep your skill-set up-to-date. The circumstances and details of the lesson differ to keep things interesting, … Continue reading

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Delete, I’d Hit That

Well, that didn’t last long. In my decision to actively date again, I created a profile on another online dating site. It’s been less than a week and I deleted it already. I just could not take it anymore. At … Continue reading

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Love is like Hawaii. Without the pineapples and shaved ice with red beans and Spam sushi. Without the luaus and sunsets and jet lag. Otherwise, they’re very similar, and coconut bras may or may not play a part in both … Continue reading

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A Story

A story, if you will: When a friend was a young child, she was the one out of all her siblings to spill the milk. Without fail, every meal, she would spill the milk. Without fail, her father would say … Continue reading

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I hate it when this happens. I think I’m all sorts of smart, like I’m on to something, and then Bam. I’m reminded I’m not so smart after all, and I may have actually been doing this all wrong. I, … Continue reading

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Little Miss Perfect

At the end of each school day, I ask the kids several questions that I hope maximizes my chances of getting real answers, meaty answers, answers with depth and intel. I ask them things like Who made them laugh? Who … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Feed the Animals

Life for my kids is very different than when I was growing up. I won’t even count the differences. But I will tell you, I’ve had it with snacks. It is impossible in this country to go more than two … Continue reading

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