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I Hereby Resolve: No More New Year’s Resolutions!

  Have you created your list of New Year’s resolutions yet? I haven’t, and I won’t. I’ve never been one to wait once a year to decide to change something. Throughout the year, I decide to change my behaviors or … Continue reading

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Family: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

The holiday season is a special time. For eating too much, drinking too much, stressing out over gifts and sending out Christmas cards. In short, an ambivalent time for people. There’s a lot of pressure to have Hallmark-perfect family gatherings … Continue reading

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On Peace and Forgiveness

This holiday season we greet strangers with softness and compassion, “Happy holidays!” we say. “May your holiday season be filled with love, happiness, and peace!” we bestow upon friends and family. Love, we know what loves is. We know how … Continue reading

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Make a Joyful Noise

I believe God has a sense of humor. Sometimes I think He thinks He’s funny and I respectfully disagree. This happens when one too many things go wrong at once, or when I’m faced with one too many ironies. But … Continue reading

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Happy Lights

“Happy holidays,” we wish friends and strangers. Happy. We want to be happy. We want others to be happy. New shoes make me happy. Vodka makes me happy. The beach makes me happy. My kids’ snuggles makes me happy. But … Continue reading

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Today Is Not the Day

I write because I need to. Topics come to me, suddenly, and I need to immediately sit and write. It’s like a purge. No, it’s actually more like the sudden realization you MUST pee but you’re not moving on the … Continue reading

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Deserving Enough

I’m a writer because I believe words have meaning. We need to choose and use our words carefully. Words can hurt. Words can heal. And I’m a little grumpy today because I’m tired of all the pithy sayings we throw … Continue reading

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Bookmarking Your Life Story

Guest post from The Boy, age 11. “If something sad happens, you should always move on. What you shouldn’t do is forget. For example, in a book you place bookmarks where you left off. Think about it like your life … Continue reading

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