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How to Die Happy

We all curate our personal brand on social media platforms now. As authentic as I proclaim to be, I admit that there is definitely some curating going on. Like I clear the clutter in the house before people come over, … Continue reading

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Lessons From Parental Discretion

  I love being in my band, Parental Discretion. We have really cool t-shirts, but more importantly, playing music with other people is magical. Being held accountable by your band members makes me a better drummer. I’ve only been playing … Continue reading

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Running Through Hope

I love snow. I love it more now that my son is old enough to shovel. I hate shoveling. But snow, I love the snow. One of my favoritest (yes, I made that up) moments in life is running in … Continue reading

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a Single Woman

Most of the time I’m pretty good with minding my own business. With living the life I want, and not what society expects of me. With not picking up the pressures society tries to foist on my back. By “most … Continue reading

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How To Turn Feral Cats into Boy Leaders: Step 1

I don’t know if you’ve ever had the pleasure of trying to lead 35 Boy Scout tweens and teens through a process to build independence and leadership. I have not, and I do not envy our selfless Scoutmaster. For a … Continue reading

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