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Don’t Throw the First Punch, But You Better Throw the Last

Mama Bear, here. My Boy got jumped yesterday. Assaulted by three high school kids on his walk home from school. There he is, 12 years old, minding his own business, walking down the sidewalk of a busy street in the … Continue reading

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Fashion Meets Poetry Meets Tribe Sister

Right now my hair is uber-trendy because I have salt and pepper hair, with an extra side of salt. People pay a lot of money for this look right now. Gray is where it’s at. Until it’s not anymore, and … Continue reading

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Some Assembly Required

A sure sign of success of a divorced woman: Assembling not one, but TWO shelving systems. In under an hour. All by myself. Without breaking any pieces. And not one, but BOTH of them are assembled CORRECTLY. And not to … Continue reading

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