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Siblings. They’re hard. They’re good. They’re complicated. They’re everything in between. Jeffery Kluger speaks to this eloquently and in depth in The Sibling Effect. The relationships we have with our siblings are unlike any other. How they know us and … Continue reading

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The Truth of Divorce

“Why did you and Daddy get divorced?” the Boy asked me about a month ago. Good question, I said. I told him I don’t know how to answer that right now in a way he can understand. But that I’d … Continue reading

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My Father’s Daughter

“You’re just like your father,” my mother would always say to me as I was growing up. And it was never meant as a compliment. There was always a tone of disdain and disgust in her voice. There was never … Continue reading

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Family Secrets

A friend asked me what my parents’ reaction was after I told them I was published in the Huffington Post. I crinkled my eyebrows and said of course I hadn’t told them. I haven’t told them for a lot of … Continue reading

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Family: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

The holiday season is a special time. For eating too much, drinking too much, stressing out over gifts and sending out Christmas cards. In short, an ambivalent time for people. There’s a lot of pressure to have Hallmark-perfect family gatherings … Continue reading

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So Misunderstood

Holidays are a time for thanksgiving; for gratitude of all the gifts, family, and friends in our lives. Then why is it that family gatherings are inevitably like a drunken family therapy session? I cannot be the only person to … Continue reading

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