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Fashion Meets Poetry Meets Tribe Sister

Right now my hair is uber-trendy because I have salt and pepper hair, with an extra side of salt. People pay a lot of money for this look right now. Gray is where it’s at. Until it’s not anymore, and … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With You?

There seems to be a recent movement against striving for perfection, and instead embracing who we are. I love this idea. What I don’t like is how it’s being framed in much of the media. I’m bombarded by articles with … Continue reading

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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Shame. You know I’m a big fan of Shame–dissecting it and putting it down, not being mired in it. I’ve talked a lot about this. You know I’m a huge cheerleader for feeling Enough and being Kind to myself. Much … Continue reading

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I was in a bit of a funk last week because of a little tiff I had with someone I care about. OK, it wasn’t so little–feelings were hurt and that’s never to be minimized. We used our words and … Continue reading

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The Flawed Ones

It’s Science Fair time. Those of you who are parents are nodding right now–you know my pain. The Science Fair…it’s optional in our county. We live in a highly educated, competitive county, so even though it’s optional, a lot of … Continue reading

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