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Gratitude for When Darkness Falls

I lay here listening to the world wake up slowly. Cars start driving down the road on the way to work. Footsteps shuffle to the bathroom. I can almost hear the black of night turn to grey as light slowly … Continue reading

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Harvey and a Clockmaker

  My paternal grandmother died almost 15 years ago. I accompanied my father back down to Texas to gather her belongings, bury her, and settle her estate. I was born there, but had not been back since I was a … Continue reading

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The Natural Order of Things

I tell myself this is the natural order of things. This is the way it should be. Knowing this doesn’t make it any easier. Your brain understands this. Your heart protests. You’re born into this world with unshakable tenets. Such … Continue reading

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Saying Good-Bye

“I don’t know how to say good-bye.” La Chica writes this in an important note to me about her feelings of her good friends moving away. I don’t blame her. No one knows how to say good-bye. It’s hard and … Continue reading

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Today Is The Day

By now everyone knows I throw a pretty damned good pity party. (I also throw really good real parties too, so check back with me another time.) It didn’t start off as a pity party, but you know what happens … Continue reading

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On Loss and Grief

Grief, my new constant companion, has moved in. I thought I’d take a good look at him since we’re spending so much time together now. And I’ve realized a few things. Grief is not sadness. I get sad when I … Continue reading

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Just Show Up

A little over a year ago I decided I wanted to start dating again after a long hiatus, or a sabbatical if you will–because a sabbatical is rest from work. And dating is hard work. When I mentioned this to … Continue reading

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