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Hard to Find Good Help

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day has become a day of service. Choosing specific days of service is a wonderful thing–soup kitchens on Thanksgiving, donating to Toys for Tots during the holidays, volunteering on MLK, Jr. Day, etc. I also value … Continue reading

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Lessons from Marriage & Divorce

Several different couples I’m friends with are uncoupling right now. They’re at the very beginning of the separation process. It’s got me thinking. Because when I look in their eyes, when I hear their voices, I recognize the fear and … Continue reading

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This Much Is True

I hear The Boy, in a very sanctimonious tone, tell his sister, “You should have done it this way…” and I can hear him drone on in his self-righteousness; while simultaneously, a low-pitched whine emanates from his sister, and gets … Continue reading

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Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus

I found this essay last year and I bookmarked it to use when my oldest child asks for the truth about Santa, because I knew this gig wouldn’t last much longer. This wise writer, Martha Brockenbrough, answered her daughter who asked … Continue reading

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All We Need

“Faith, Family and Friends. That’s all you need in life. No wait, Love and Kindness too. That’s all you need in life,” declared my 7-year-old daughter. “What?!” I ask. We were out shopping for a frame to display her school … Continue reading

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I Loooove You…

Conditions–we place conditions and expectations on our interactions and how we operate interpersonally. We work hard for the expectation of a good salary and kudos. We do a favor expecting and hoping for one returned at a later date. We exchange … Continue reading

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The Scarlet Letter

No doubt you’ve heard of #Slanegirl. If not, quick recap: a 17 year-old girl is photographed at an outdoor concert in Ireland engaged in oral sex with a young man who has his arms raised in victory while people look … Continue reading

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Made With Love

I’m not one to write restaurant/food reviews. I just love to eat myself silly–really good food to put myself into a proper food coma. I know how to write. I know how to eat. Until today, the twain did not … Continue reading

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You’re Invited

My 9-year-old son was invited to a birthday party. Our lives consist primarily of barreling through endless homework, too many extracurricular activities, high-pitched whining, random Nerf gun fights, and chaotic evening routines–punctuated by holidays and birthday parties. So I assumed … Continue reading

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