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“Music is What Feelings Sound Like”

Reason #79 why I love my band: Their sense of humor–not everyone would agree to referencing blood sausage in their band name. This motley crew who gather weekly with me are my Church. Which is strange because one is Jewish, … Continue reading

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Irish Times

The kids and I went Adventuring. We actually spent 7 days in Ireland, but we’ve come to call living life “Adventuring.” We took off with plans to see and do a lot of fun and beautiful things. The Boy had … Continue reading

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10 Life Lessons Learned From Being a Rock Star

  After a lifetime of wanting to play the drums, I started playing less than a year ago. Fourteen weeks ago, I joined a rock band. We had our first gig this past weekend. I had been terrified and nervous … Continue reading

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Bookmarking Your Life Story

Guest post from The Boy, age 11. “If something sad happens, you should always move on. What you shouldn’t do is forget. For example, in a book you place bookmarks where you left off. Think about it like your life … Continue reading

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Doppler Radar Forecast of Life

“What’s the weather going to be like today?” The Boy asks as he gets dressed in the morning. “Calls for a chance of rain, supposed to be warm,” I say. He walks to the car in a heavy sweatshirt and … Continue reading

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Endless Summer Lessons

We just returned from a week down the shore. It was as fabulous and relaxing as you might imagine. It’s a week of unplugging and hopping off the grid, of working hard on tan lines, walking up and down the … Continue reading

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Lessons from Second Grade

  It’s that time of the year again–the end of the school year. When teachers rejoice for a well-deserved break. And when parents seek a better sangria recipe to tide them through a sweltering season of “I’m boooored!”s and “She … Continue reading

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Running and the Art of Living

I started running for weight loss. I continued running for stress relief and meditation. It made me feel alive. Now, I run for life. I’ve come to realize running is life. Everything about running can be said about life. Here’s some … Continue reading

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Dancing Queen

I’m gonna put my dancing shoes on. No, not the glittery stilletos when I go clubbing. I mean good old fashioned social dance. Ballroom dance. Salsa. Tango. Foxtrot. I’ve got a date with Mr. Arthur Murray! Why? It’s my acupuncturist’s … Continue reading

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How to Save Your Fort From Attack

I know all you parents out there can empathize with me when I say that my children suffer from a disorder whereupon they lose the capacity to hear a word I say. There’s something about the tone and cadence of … Continue reading

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