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Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

I never had any intention of being a parent, for good reasons. One of which is that it is very hard. I want to also point out that it is very, very hard. A third, yet related reason is that … Continue reading

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Like It. Or Not.

I am full of gratitude for having attended easily the best wedding ever over the weekend. Knowing the bride, I knew it would be fun. But this was truly a magical evening, aside from the love and joy of the … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Feed the Animals

Life for my kids is very different than when I was growing up. I won’t even count the differences. But I will tell you, I’ve had it with snacks. It is impossible in this country to go more than two … Continue reading

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Tilting at Windmills

“Mommy, I have special news! I want to be a janitor and get a tattoo!” my 6-year-old gushes at me with excitement and conviction. With deadpan sarcasm I ask her if it needs to be in that particular order, and … Continue reading

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