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Why I Must Tell My Children I Was Raped

A friend asked the other day if there’s anyone left in Hollywood, referencing the daily news stories of women sharing their stories of being sexually assaulted by powerful men. Hollywood? This isn’t confined to the entertainment industry. I’m conflicted about … Continue reading

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She Said Stop

  One of my favorite sounds is the laughter of my children. When they’re tickling each other, when they’re chasing each other, when they’re wrestling with each other. The infectious belly laughs and squeals warm my heart. One child tickles, … Continue reading

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George Will, You’ve Broken My Heart

I started the day with my head aching. Steroid injections to the head elicit this type of reaction in the neurologist’s procedure room: “Holy mother of F*CK! I hate you!!” Yes, I’m still being treated for the head injury I … Continue reading

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Rude Awakening

In the least provocative way possible (I hope), I very publicly disclosed I was raped when I was 18. I texted a friend to let her know the post had moved from contemplation to completion. And I held my breath. … Continue reading

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Me Too

I have been following the Steubenville rape case and verdicts, and the aftermath–how the media has covered it all, how other teens have threatened Jane Doe, how other brave rape survivors have spoken out, how parents have discussed raising kind … Continue reading

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