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Be Your Hero

When people think of relationships in February, they usually think about intimate relationships–their spouse, significant other, ex-lover. Too often, people don’t examine the relationship you have with yourself. It’s precisely this relationship you have with yourself that dictates and frames … Continue reading

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Grace, Hope & Lebenslüge

Lebenslüge. Life lies. What a great German phrase  a new friend shared with me. She asked me at the end of our first meeting, why I tell myself life lies, lebenslüge. I couldn’t answer her immediately because I fell in … Continue reading

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The Secret to a Successful Relationship

My friends finally conceded it is difficult to date me. I’m a little complex, a bit of an overthinker, and not very conventional. I’m an acquired taste. My friends declared I needed to date my equal, and I shouldn’t waste … Continue reading

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The Houses We Live In

I’ve been having minor, yet irritating, disagreements with my dad the past few weeks. I’m having some minor renovations done in the house, as well as changing lots of things within the house. He’s been visiting to help me out. … Continue reading

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Saying Good-Bye

“I don’t know how to say good-bye.” La Chica writes this in an important note to me about her feelings of her good friends moving away. I don’t blame her. No one knows how to say good-bye. It’s hard and … Continue reading

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Connecting the Dots

I’ve only recently felt I deserved to claim I am a writer. It’s a tenuous claim, because when people ask what I write, I tell them I write a blog. Many people dismiss this as not really being a writer, … Continue reading

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How Can You Mend a Broken Heart

How do you heal a broken heart, a friend ponders painfully. First, one must let go of the beloved one. Sounds simple, but what does that mean really? Well, the obvious things are you stop seeing the person. You stop … Continue reading

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