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Make a Joyful Noise

I believe God has a sense of humor. Sometimes I think He thinks He’s funny and I respectfully disagree. This happens when one too many things go wrong at once, or when I’m faced with one too many ironies. But … Continue reading

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The Confessional of a Sinner

Here is my confession: Through my life, in the different iterations of me–the wilder one, the irresponsible one, the uptight one, the good girl one, the anxious one, the depressed one; in each of these phases of my life, I … Continue reading

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Members Only

We spend the Christmas holiday with my immediate family every year. I took the kids to Christmas Eve mass at my parents’ parish this year. En route, my son asked, “Are we members there?” I told him no, his grandparents … Continue reading

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Are You There God? It’s Me…

I went to church today. I know, normal people wouldn’t make that kind of proclamation, well, at all. Because it’s part of many people’s lives. I am, however, a wretched soul who has always been ambivalent about spirituality, faith, and … Continue reading

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