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Cosmic Perspective

Perspective is everything. “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” I try to remember perspective and gratitudes, and how important both are for my sanity, ability for acceptance, and sense of peace. It’s not … Continue reading

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Make it a Happy Hour

I’m a little busy here. I’ve had a bit of a setback with the migraines. By that I mean I had to change medications, and the migraines are back with a vengeance. This one has lasted 17 days now and … Continue reading

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10 Life Lessons Learned From Being a Rock Star

  After a lifetime of wanting to play the drums, I started playing less than a year ago. Fourteen weeks ago, I joined a rock band. We had our first gig this past weekend. I had been terrified and nervous … Continue reading

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Recipe for Resilience

La Chica, age 8, wanted to make pancakes from her special princess recipe book. Yes, Hell has a bookstore section, and Satan sells this cookbook. Unfortunately for me, she was already feeling a bit verklempt that morning by the time … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Feed the Animals

Life for my kids is very different than when I was growing up. I won’t even count the differences. But I will tell you, I’ve had it with snacks. It is impossible in this country to go more than two … Continue reading

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The Family That Bikes Together, Falls Together

I’ve done it again. I’ve done yet another thing I swore PK (Pre-Kids) that I would nevereverEVER do. I promise you, you will roll your eyes, and you will definitely lose respect for me if you ever had any in … Continue reading

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Put the Armor Down, Be Vulnerable, & Marinate

An old, trusted friend asked about details of how my last relationship ended. We talked about it, and it was clear that I was still having difficulty with it, and the loss; I was still hurting. And I admitted that … Continue reading

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