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Family Secrets

A friend asked me what my parents’ reaction was after I told them I was published in the Huffington Post. I crinkled my eyebrows and said of course I hadn’t told them. I haven’t told them for a lot of … Continue reading

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Sharing But Not Embarrassing

I have had several friends tell me lately they are surprised I share as much of myself as I do through my writing. They know me to be a fiercely private person with firm boundaries and trust issues. So the … Continue reading

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Direct Reflections

We have a hard time taking things at face value. We pile on secondary stories and create so much meaning about things, behaviors, and choices. We forget that each of us comes from a different place and perspective in life, … Continue reading

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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Shame. You know I’m a big fan of Shame–dissecting it and putting it down, not being mired in it. I’ve talked a lot about this. You know I’m a huge cheerleader for feeling Enough and being Kind to myself. Much … Continue reading

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Enough is Enough

Enough. I’m on an Enough kick lately…the notion of being Good Enough. Having Enough. Being Enough. It’s all wrapped up in the concepts of Shame and Worthiness. We feel Shame when we believe we’re not Smart Enough, Thin Enough, Competent … Continue reading

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The Scarlet Letter

No doubt you’ve heard of #Slanegirl. If not, quick recap: a 17 year-old girl is photographed at an outdoor concert in Ireland engaged in oral sex with a young man who has his arms raised in victory while people look … Continue reading

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Shame on You, Shame on Me

My children’s mental health is very important to me. ‘Cause there’s nothing more shameful than a mental health professional with whacked out kids. Tongues wag behind your back and colleagues wonder about your professional skills if you can’t even get … Continue reading

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Me Too

I have been following the Steubenville rape case and verdicts, and the aftermath–how the media has covered it all, how other teens have threatened Jane Doe, how other brave rape survivors have spoken out, how parents have discussed raising kind … Continue reading

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Flawed & Fabulous

So I’ve followed this fabulous woman for a while now–through her blog, not in a stalking sort of way. I find her authenticity and vulnerability so refreshing, so genuine. And she makes me laugh so hard I always pee a … Continue reading

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