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The Power of Being Heard

It’s pretty bad when gang leaders are calling for peace. As you know, Baltimore is the backdrop of the current crisis of a significant portion of our population who are disenfranchised and frustrated. Of course criminals who resort to breaking … Continue reading

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Momma Mia

My little girl needs a lot of love, and needs to feel it and see it and touch it. In random moments throughout the day, she runs up to me and just says simply, “Momma!” To which I reply as … Continue reading

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What Is Love?

Love is a 40-year-old woman choosing to be trapped in a car barreling through the Midwest for 7 hours with two small children who won’t stop singing the Beastie Boys’ “Brass Monkey”–only they’ve made up their own words to the … Continue reading

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Shame on You, Shame on Me

My children’s mental health is very important to me. ‘Cause there’s nothing more shameful than a mental health professional with whacked out kids. Tongues wag behind your back and colleagues wonder about your professional skills if you can’t even get … Continue reading

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