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Family Secrets

A friend asked me what my parents’ reaction was after I told them I was published in the Huffington Post. I crinkled my eyebrows and said of course I hadn’t told them. I haven’t told them for a lot of … Continue reading

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Life Writing

There is the theory that artists are a bit mad–that there is a higher preponderance of creativity in those with mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder or depression. That the madness fuels the art. That may or may not be … Continue reading

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Sharing But Not Embarrassing

I have had several friends tell me lately they are surprised I share as much of myself as I do through my writing. They know me to be a fiercely private person with firm boundaries and trust issues. So the … Continue reading

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Blog of the Year 2013

2013 has been an interesting year, with a lot of adventures, mishaps, joy, sadness, and struggles along the way that have provided for a lot of um, opportunities for growth. As the year closes, I reflect back on a year … Continue reading

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Use Your Words

“The words you speak become the house you live in.”-Hafez I tell my kids all the time that words have meaning, choose them wisely, and use them. Use your words. They can hurt. They can heal. Words are powerful. Storytelling … Continue reading

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Blog of the Year 2012! Woot!!

Once upon a time, in a world without mortgages, ballet recitals, budget cuts at work, or a slowing metabolism, there lived a young girl who dreamed of changing the world through her writing. Anything was possible. She even thought it … Continue reading

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The B*tch Is Back

You’ll undoubtedly notice the blog had been quiet for a year. We’ve always wanted to be smart enough to have jobs where we could take a sabbatical, so let’s just say that we did. We struggled with getting the right … Continue reading

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