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Cosmic Perspective

Perspective is everything. “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” I try to remember perspective and gratitudes, and how important both are for my sanity, ability for acceptance, and sense of peace. It’s not … Continue reading

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Making the Band

I love being in my band. We’ve only existed for about a month as an entity, but I’m pretty sure they feel the exact opposite about me. It is really hard for them to play a song that’s recognizable when … Continue reading

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Bad Hair Day

We try to walk to school when we can. It’s a mile through lovely wooded open space. The paths meander through playgrounds and over creeks. This morning we saw a baby bunny in the grass by the path. It looked … Continue reading

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Habit of Despair

  Old habits die hard, and new ones are just as hard to create. There used to be a universally accepted myth that it took 21 days to form a new habit–Floss daily! Stop smoking! Make your bed! No one … Continue reading

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Become a Lake

The last couple days I’ve been repeating to myself “Be a lake. Be a lake. Be a lake.” To no avail. I have not evolved into becoming a lake yet; I am still just Batshit Crazy. As you nod in … Continue reading

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