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Grace in a Tree

Turns out that you can invite grace into your life, into your home, but grace doesn’t automatically make your life or home calmer or better or more joyful. Continue reading

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A Tree of Life

“I love that tree,” I said to La Chica when I dropped her off at before-care at the school. There’s this one tree off in the distance that turns a brilliant red orange every fall well before the other trees, … Continue reading

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The Confessional of a Sinner

Here is my confession: Through my life, in the different iterations of me–the wilder one, the irresponsible one, the uptight one, the good girl one, the anxious one, the depressed one; in each of these phases of my life, I … Continue reading

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On My Honor I Will Do My Best…

I love our Cub Scout Pack. I had reservations before we joined years ago, but it’s turned into a source of great friendships and experiences. I will admit the one thing I hate about my son’s involvement in Cub Scouts … Continue reading

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Put the Armor Down, Be Vulnerable, & Marinate

An old, trusted friend asked about details of how my last relationship ended. We talked about it, and it was clear that I was still having difficulty with it, and the loss; I was still hurting. And I admitted that … Continue reading

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Flawed & Fabulous

So I’ve followed this fabulous woman for a while now–through her blog, not in a stalking sort of way. I find her authenticity and vulnerability so refreshing, so genuine. And she makes me laugh so hard I always pee a … Continue reading

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The B*tch Is Back

You’ll undoubtedly notice the blog had been quiet for a year. We’ve always wanted to be smart enough to have jobs where we could take a sabbatical, so let’s just say that we did. We struggled with getting the right … Continue reading

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Cupcake Wars

So this blog is written by two delightfully fabulous women. One of us recently went out with someone, it turns out, whose mother is my age. (True story) Let me just point out here, before you read any further, that … Continue reading

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